For what tools, techniques, tricks or subjects (using 53’s Paper) would you like to see a (video)-tutorial?

Just reply, reblog or ask, and I’ll give it a go. Maybe (hopefully) others will try to make a tutorial too, to show their approach.

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  1. keeklo said: Coloring with the watercolor tool. I can’t seem to ever have enough control with the limited size of the brush. The whole process basically. Do you start with your lines or with color, etc. How do you manage to make your work so clean?
  2. ilvetropenna said: Yes, definitely!
  3. jupiterkat said: Yes!
  4. lifeofbk said: Coloring always gets me. If I want to fill in an area or character with consistant color, I get smeary blotchy stuff, or a mess of lines. I dont’ know how to do it without a paint-bucket tool or opacity=100 style-brush.
  5. everydaywanders said: Everything you do is so well done, so basically anything! Maybe more on the light/shading with the marker + watercolor combo?
  6. givehappy said: I’d love to see how you make such straight lines! It sounds crazy but it is what often amazes me about your pieces. Thanks! DR
  7. dangroch said: That would be wonderful!
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