Please don’t cheapen genuine artists

This is my final post on the subject, my apologies if you find it boring. It’s just that Procreate has issued an official statement, in which James Cuda (co-founder and CEO of Procreate) says that Kyle Lambert’s portrait of Morgan Freeman is genuine:

“He really is an amazing artist and our whole team is astounded to see Kyle set a new benchmark for what’s possible using ProcreateTM. In fact this portrait of Morgan Freeman is so realistic, so well crafted, many believe it’s a fake. This is testimony to the quality of Kyle’s ability. His work is so realistic, it’s practically indistinguishable from the reference photograph by Scott Gries.”

“The controversy prompted us to check the source file for ourselves, and after analysis we were able to verify that what we are seeing, is the real deal. The fact it was created with ProcreateTM on iPad is testament to the powerful combination of tools available to artists, without the massive price tag of a desktop workstation and software.”

This bugs the hell out of me, because the painting is fake. I’m not going to repeat myself, or post video’s on how he did it. But here’s a post on Reddit (by mrkite77) with the final proof, from fotoforensics.

If you look at the data from the final painting, you’ll see that the Document Ancestors lists the ID “xmp.did:FCF3354E1D2068119C8FF671883ADEBE”.


This is the ID of the original photo by Scott Gries, which you can check here. The ID of the photo is mentioned in the ancestors lists of Kyles painting. This means that the photo was pasted into the document at some point. But Kyle has stated that

(…) at no stage was the original photograph on my iPad or inside the Procreate app. Procreate documents the entire painting process, so even if I wanted to import a photo layer it would have shown in the video export from the app.

So he lies.

And the second thing you can see at fotoforensics is that the Software History shows that the “painting” was created entirely on Photoshop CS5 and CS6 on a Mac.


This was never on an iPad. And thus, not created in Procreate. So that’s an even bigger lie.

Note that because the “painting” wasn’t created in Procreate but in Photoshop, he literally speaks the truth when he says that “at no stage was the original photograph on my iPad or inside the Procreate app”.

Why, why, why would Procreates CEO James Cuda claim - without giving any proof at all - that it’s created in Procreate? This smells like a very cheap marketing stunt.

Now, what do I care? Well, it cheapens real artists. I love art and I admire artists who create beautiful portraits, for example acostaimagesjoaquimmeiramademistakes. Or Sam Spratt. Or artists like Nikolai Lockertsen.

Procreate shouldn’t support or endorse fakers like Kyle. It should celebrate creativity and originality! You don’t need to create photorealistic artwork, just create something using your talents.

On the plus side: you can’t fake this easily with 53’s Paper.

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