I’ve decided to make the “Pattern & step-by-step instructions for creating a plush cubic cat” available for free. You can download the PDF (6.5) here.

The pattern itself is a separate one page pdf which you can download here.

All the drawings in the guide are made with Fiftythree’s Paper app.

I’ve given the document a creative common licence, which basically means (in non-legal terms) that you can download and share it as long as you credit me properly. However, you may not change the document in any way or use it commercially. (Like selling it as a e-book).

How excited are you about the upcoming updates for paper? Finally, different drawing widths. — Asked by holdtightclothing

Very excited. Some call it a hack and not real pressure sensitive, but that’s a bit weird, I think. Because then a normal brush would haven’t heave “real” pressure sensitivity either.

I really liked pressure sensitive (or control over line width) with the Pogo Connect very much, and I’d be glad if that functionality returns with the updates.

A more durable tip would be great though. The rubber tips are rather thin and wear our faster than I’d like, but this is a issue with every rubber tip stylus I’m familiar with. I currently keep switching between a simple Bamboo Wacom stylus and Pencil when drawing in Paper, trying to spare the Pencil tip as much as possible.

Shop Pencil | FiftyThree

I’ve read on Facebook that Fiftythree is “very, very close” with shipping Pencil international. Which is great news! If you’re one of the people outside the US who can’t wait to order a Pencil, then here is a tip:

Do yourself a favor and add one or two extra sets of replacement tips to your order…

I’m one of the happy few early Pencil owners in the Netherlands (*coughs* I’ve even got a spare one *coughs*), and those tips wear out. Not faster than for example a Wacom Bamboo tips, but they do wear out. So make sure you have enough spare ones!

By the way, I think it’s funny that Dutch Paper artists complain about the availability of Pencil outside the VS, while at the same time American tourists are jealous that cannabis is legally available in the Netherlands. Although I’d wish that those pencil replacement tips were just as available.

Tried to make a more or less realistic sculpture of a cat. I don’t own a cat, so I didn’t have any reference, other then a few images of a cat’s anatomy and what I remembered from a Gnomon Workshop. Sculpting this cat reminded me of a sketch I made with Fiftythree’s Paper a long time ago, based on the same anatomy references. 

Enable Google Demographics on Tumblr

adoodlinby : I’ve enabled the Google Demographics on Tumblr, by tweaking the html template a bit.

I had to add the following line (bolded text below) to my tracking code between ‘create’ and ‘send’:

ga(‘create’, ‘UA-XXXXXX-XX’, ‘example.com’);
ga(‘require’, ‘displayfeatures’);
ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);

And of course you need to enable it in Google Analytics too.

Hope this helps!

I’ve been experimenting with Super Sculpey. When baked (or boiled) the sculpture looks and feels like concrete.

You (visiter of my blog) are a 25-34 year old American technophilic female shutterbug who loves movies. That’s what Google says, anyway.

Shouldn’t there be an Affinity Category called “Porn Lovers”?

Talking about another mystery for Hercule Poireau: someone stole my drawing! I don’t like it when people use my drawings without asking permission first (and without giving credit), but this is even worse. He/she actually edited it, removed the text, added some ugly paprikas. That… that hurts.

(update: I’ve sent an email to the website owner, and a DMCA notice to Wordpress, where the image is hosted.)

(update2: The offending page has been removed by Wordpress and a few days later the whole site.)